Scorpion Sentinel

Location Mako Reactor 1
Weakness Lightning
Reward/s 100 EXP
100 GIL

Scorpion Sentinel is a Boss in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Boss short description. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards.


Scorpion Sentinel Location

Tactical Data: Its stagger gauge does not fill while its force field is deployed.



Scorpion Sentinel Rewards

  • 100 EXP
  • 100 GIL




Scorpion Sentinel Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

Scorpion Sentinel is weak to Thunder, so Barrett’s Thunder spell can be used to deal higher damage. The Scorpion Sentinel boss fight in FF7 Remake has four different stages. Each stage, Scorpion Sentinel uses different tactics.

Barrett has some Lightning Materia handy, so switch to him and unleash that as soon as possible. As a precaution, cast Steelskin on Barret to ensure he's got all the added defense and resilience he needs to stay in the fight.
For Cloud, use Punisher Mode attacks and Fire spells to pile on the damage and keep increasing the Scorpion Sentinel's Stagger meter. But don't linger close; it'll swipe you with its tail or leap up and drop down onto you if you hang around too long. When it locks onto you with its targeting laser, get ready to block some missiles; you can try to dodge, but you'll probably still take a fair amount of damage.

Do enough damage and the Scorpion Sentinel will activate a barrier, hindering all incoming attacks. Circle its back and hit it in the Field Generator weak spot underneath its tail. Use Barrett's Focused Shot ability to do some substantial damage to it, while having Cloud follow up with a Fire spell. You'll want to stay back as much as possible until you can drop that barrier, as the Scorpion Sentinel will smash you with an area-of-effect attack.
Once the barrier is down, start hitting it again with Barret's Lightning spells and Cloud's Punisher attacks. When the Sentinel Scorpion jumps onto the wall, switch to Barrett and hit it with Overcharge shots to bring it back down. If you stagger it at any point, make sure to spend ATB to unleash Cloud's Braver and Barret's Focused Shot upon it.

After you've dealt enough damage, the Sentinel Scorpion will launch a bunch of missiles that bring down debris from around the reactor. It'll then charge its Tail Laser; hide behind the debris to avoid getting hit by the attack, which is devastating. You can still use spells in the meantime, though.

During this final portion of the fight, the Sentinel Scorpion will cycle through several attacks, including an EM Blast around its body, a hail of missiles, lasers from its hands, and a machine gun attack. Dodge or block the incoming strikes and hang back until after the missile strike, when the Scorpion Sentinel is open for attack, then hit it before retreating to hide from the Tail Laser. Make use of Barret's ranged attacks as much as you can, as well as magic, because these will keep you out of range from several of the Sentinel Scorpion's abilities. Keep a consistent rate of damage, making sure to go hard when you stagger it, and you'll win in no time.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
In this phase, the sentinel will be shuffling around the platform, and the fight segment is pretty straight forward. Try to avoid his target scanner by moving around and focus on attacking the sentinel only.
It is recommended to use Cloud’s Focused Thrust, and Barrett’s Focused Shot alternatingly. If you get lucky, the boss will be staggered and you can deal higher damage.
If the sentinel does get staggered, use Barrett’s Thunder Spell, as it will stack the type effectiveness damage.

Phase 2
It will trigger as soon as the boss reaches 75% of it’s Health. The sentinel jumps away and creates a barrier around him. At this point, he’ll be immune to any physical attack. Switch to Barrett and head behind the sentinel.
You’ll notice a Field Generator under the tail. This will be your main target for this stage. Keep attacking it even with Cloud if you need to.
You can use Barrett’s Steelskin to eliminate any personal stagger and keep the barrage going on.
Once the generator is down, go offensive.

This stage now has an added move where the sentinel will use his launchers after jumping on a wall. Use Barrett to damage him in these segments.
Phase 3
It begins as the Scorpion Sentinel is at 50% health. As it initiates, the sentinel will launch rockets, causing debris to fall.
Now the attack you need to look out for here is his tail laser. He’ll raise his tail, charge and fire a strong laser at you.
Avoid it by taking cover behind the debris. At the end of the attack, the debris will breakdown and vanish.
Phase 4
Sentinel is now at 25% of health and desperate. At this point, he’ll go into auto recovery stage, while aimlessly firing rockets.

You need to be quick and brutal here. Use all your strongest moves and keep it from recovering its health. Soon, you’ll be done with the robot.



Scorpion Sentinel Lore

A large sentry weapon manufactured by Shinra's Advanced Weaponry Division. Highly mobile due to its manay legs and armed with an array of heavy weapons. Deployed at Mako Reactor 1 to protect the core. 

Scorpion Sentinel Notes & Trivia

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Scorpion Sentinel Image Gallery

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