Monster Bio Pt. 4

Quest Type Battle Intel
Conditions Assess 30 enemy types.
Reward/s ATB Stagger Materia

Monster Bio Pt. 4 is a Battle Intel quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Monster Bio Pt. 4 unlocks the ATB Stagger Materia. Completing Battle Intel quests unlock new Materia which can be purchased from Chadley.


Monster Bio Pt. 4 Description

  • Research into the stagger mechanism still ongoing. Findings suggest that support materia could be used to increase one's advantage when target is staggered. Development being optioned. Further field data required before confirming hypthesis.


Monster Bio Pt. 4 Objectives

  • To complete this Battle Intel quest, you must complete the following conditions:
    • Assess 30 enemy types.


Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      18 Apr 2020 00:09  

      hi this is wrong, this is for 'The Stagger Effect pt.4' NOT 'Monster Bio pt.4'. Monster Bio pt.4 is to assess 30 enemy types.

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