Iron Maiden

Type Armor
defense_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75px 124 attack_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75px 0
magic_defense_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75px 20 magic_attack_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75px 0
materia_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75px None    

Iron Maiden is an Armor piece in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Iron Maiden provides 124 Defense, 20 Magic Defense and has 0 Materia Slots. Armor provides defense against Enemy attacks reducing the incoming damage.


An elegant yet macabre bangle inspired by an ancient instrument of horror. Forgoes materia in favor of optimizing physical defense.


Iron Maiden Information

  • Defense: 124
  • Magic Defense: 20
  • Attack: 0
  • Magic Attack: 0
  • Materia Slots: 0


Where to Find Iron Maiden

Chapter 16: The Belly of the Beast

  • Story Objective: Use the Elevator
  • Location: Sector 0: Shinra Electric Power Company - 3F Elevator Hall
  • Once you've acquired the keycard, head up the stairs, towards the marked objective. Before you unlock the door with the key card where the marked objective is, use it first on the door on the right side where you'll find the item inside the chest.


Iron Maiden Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Other Notes, Tips, & Trivia



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