Location Sector 7 Slums - Pillar
Weakness Head, Tail, Lightning

1,200 EXP
1,200 GIL

10 AP

Gigantipede is a Boss in Final Fantasy VII Remake. A  mechanical polypod suited in impenetrable armor, the Gigantipede is a massive walking platform of heavy weaponries. It is only encountered during the DLC - Episode INTERmission. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards. Gigantipede is a boss that appears in the DLC, Episode INTERmission.


Gigantipede Location



Gigantipede Rewards

  • 1,200 EXP
  • 1,200 GIL




Gigantipede Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

Its head is susceptible to physical attacks, while its tail is susceptible to lightning attacks. Lightning attacks also rapidly fill its stagger gauge. Its long-range attack accuracy increases when its containment laser finds a target. It possesses Greater Resistances against fire, ice, and wind Materia attacks. 

While the Gigantipede is on the platform, maintain distance and attach the Shuriken to its body. While attached, unleash consecutive attacks from a distance, especially lighting Materia attacks when targeting its tail. If approached at melee, perform melee combos to damage its head. Prevent being "cornered" by its head or legs at the edge of the platform as its seemingly slow maneuvers will continuously knock you down when it tramples over you. 


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1 (Yuffie and Sonon)
Rapid Fire: The Gigantipede will proceed to march towards and past you, continuously firing with the machine guns equipped on the sides of its body.  These short-ranged gun fire attacks can be easily avoided as they are fairly inaccurate. You may either choose to follow the head with melee attacks to avoid being targeted by the guns altogether, or maintain distance and attack at long range. Dodging to the sides can also evade these relatively weak gunshots. 
Tail Swat/Head Swat: After walking past you, the Gigantipede will perform a large area tail whip to knockdown foes and deal heavy damage covering a large area. 

The Gigantipede will lift its tail slightly up and back, before extending and swinging it horizontally towards you. Quickly run towards its body or head into melee range when you notice it prepare for this attack to avoid being hit. 

Body Blow: As it approaches you from the front, the Gigantipede will attempt to lift its upper body before smashing it down onto the ground to deal heavy melee damage. Ocassionally, it will perform a head whip (similar to the tail whip) to the side towards you after missing the smash attack.  Cumbersome and slow, Yuffie shall never be affected by this attack so long as you maintain distance or dodge away to the side when noticing the Gigantipede gradually lifting its upper body to prepare for this strike. The Gigantipede's post-attack head whip is executed by dragging its upper body horizontally towards you at medium speed, making it fairly easy to avoid with a timely dodge. 
Drone Deployment: After taking considerable amount of damage, the Gigantipede will retreat from the platform and climb up the wall on the side, maintaining distance. From there it will launch multiple Containment Drones to surround you. Equipped with containment lasers, these drones can trace and fire numerous tracking missiles at you in unison.  Containment drones are launched in groups of 5 - 6 units. These persistent drones are highly impairing, relentlessly firing frenzies of tracking missiles at you. As these missiles are near impossible to evade, the best counter is to eliminate these drones as quickly as possible.  Since a certain amount of damage is unavoidable, quickly heal using Spells or health potions after clearing the drones. 
Leap Attack: Once you have cleared most of the Containment Drones, the Gigantipede will perform a high damage leap attack by attaching its tail onto railings above the arena and swinging itself back onto the platform.  The camera will zoom into the Gigantipede launching and clamping its tail to the railings above you before it performs the leap. Run and dodge away right when you notice this cue to evade the large AOE damage when it lands. 
Phase 2 (Yuffie and Sonon)
Combined Attacks: When the Gigantipede's health depletes to approximately one-third, a cutscene will play, featuring the detachment of its helmet, revealing a large drill that composes its head. It will then proceed to launch all attacks simultaneously - remaining on the platform, the Gigantipede will release a frenzy of Containment drones, followed up with rapid fire attacks and tail whips. Once you have destroyed the first batch of drones, it will release another group, while accelerating the drill on its head, damaging you instead if you attempt to strike the head in melee. With Sonon's help, continuously destroy drones and prevent their missiles by alternating between long-range Shuriken attacks and melee combos. Dash from one drone to another when they are about to fire missiles. Clear them as quickly as possible and attach the Shuriken to the Gigantipede's head or tail to defeat it as quickly as possible. 



Gigantipede Lore

A multi-legged heavy weapons platform designed by Shinra's Advanced Weaponry Division. It is armed with a large number of missiles that it uses to eliminate intruders seeking to gain access to Midgar's central pillar.


Gigantipede Notes & Trivia

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Gigantipede Image Gallery

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