Chapter 1: Wutai's Finest

chapter 1 wutais finest intermission main quest final fantasy 7 remake wiki guide
Quest Type INTERmission Quest (Main)
Location Sector 7 Slums - Outskirts
Boss Gigantepde
Reward/s EXP, GIL, Items
Prev. Quest: n/a
Next Quest: Chapter 2: Covert Ops

Chapter 1: Wutai's Finest is a Main Scenario INTERmission Quest in Final Fantasy VII Remake. INTERmission Quests are exclusively for the Episode INTERmision DLC that's been released along with the upgraded PS5 version of the original game, Intergrade. Players will need to own the Intergrade version in order to play the INTERmission DLC.


Yuffie has come to Midggar at the behest of the itnerim Wutai government to wrest a powerful orb of Materia from Shinra's evil clutches. First, however, she must find her Avalanche coconspirators, and to do that, she has to look for posters of moogles and a man with a moogle hat.


Chapter 1: Wutai's Finest Related NPCs



Chapter 1: Wutai's Finest Enemies

  1. Toxirat
  2. Gorger
  3. Lesser Drake
  4. Wayward Wolf
  5. Corneo Lackey
  6. Cripshay
  7. Elite Security Officer
  8. Security Officer
  9. Horned Cripshay
  10. Elite Greandier
  11. Wrath Hound
  12. Levrikon
  13. Containment Drone



Chapter 1: Wutai's Finest Items

  1. Hi-Potion
  2. HP Up Materia
  3. Power Wristguards
  4. Wind Materia
  5. MP Up Materia
  6. Boomerang
  7. Sorceror Board I
  8. Helitrooper (Vanguard)
  9. Ramuh Materia
  10. Kindered Cord
  11. Indurate Staff
  12. Sweeper (Ranged)
  13. Phoenix Down
  14. Antidote
  15. Prayer Materia
  16. Steel Reaper
  17. Assassin Board III
  18. Elemental Materia
  19. Mezu Drive
  20. Ether
  21. Magic Up Materia
  22. Lightning Materia



Chapter 1: Wutai's Finest Objectives

  1. First Challenge
  2. Esteemed Avalanche Colleagues
  3. Gain Intel
  4. Scout Out Sector 7
  5. The Handoff
  6. Back to Base
  7. Change of Plans
  8. After Him
  9. Tracking Zhije
  10. Main Pillar Maintenance
  11. Save Zhije
  12. Shinra Building or Bust



Chapter 1: Wutai's Finest Walkthrough

First Challenge

  • For Episode INTERmission, you will be playing as Yuffie Kisaragi for the entire DLC. You'll start and arrive at the outskirts of Sector 7 Slums, head straight down the narrow path until you reach an open field where you'll encounter x2 Toxirat. After defeating the enemy, on the left side, you'll see a window where the Moogle poster is - jump through to reach the next section.
  • On the other side, you'll encounter more enemies and trigger a tutorial for Yuffie's unique ability, Throw. By pressing ps triangle button final fantasy 7 remake wiki guide, Yuffie can hurl her weapon at a target. Press ps square button final fantasy 7 remake wiki guide while it is away from her to perform long-range ninjutsu attacks. The weapon will return to Yuffie automatically after a certain amount of time. To retrieve it sooner, press ps triangle button final fantasy 7 remake wiki guide again - defeat the x2 Gorger and jump out of the other window.
  • Back outside, you'll be given another tutorial on how you can utilize Yuffie's weapon to destroy objects that are out of reach. By pressing ps triangle button final fantasy 7 remake wiki guide, Yuffie is capable of destroying Shinra boxes from a distance. You can destroy multiple boxes at once by giving Yuffie the perfect vantage point.
  • Destroy the boxes from the edge of the ground, then head towards the metal bridge and walk to the edge of the broke side of the railing to destroy the rest of the boxes. When that's done, continue forward, swing across, and you'll encounter x1 Lesser Drake and x2 Toxirat.
  • After killing the enemies, go right towards the half open factory garage door and go under it. At this point, you'll figure out that you need to follow the Moogle posters. Go inside the factory and go left, you'll trigger a cutscene here.

Mark of the Moogle

  • After the cutscene, look up, to your right from where the Robed Man is to find an inactive elevator. You'll trigger another tutorial where it indicates that you can also use her weapon to activate mechanisms from afar by throwing the shuriken. Press ps triangle button final fantasy 7 remake wiki guide when you see the indicator to hit the button to power up the lift. Now ride it and head to the second floor. At the top, you'll encounter x2 Gorger, kill them and then vault over the piled up metals.
  • Don't go towards the moogle poster yet on the left, but instead, go straight and you'll see another lift that you can activate with your weapon. After throwing the shuriken to activate it, climb down the ladder, open the chest on the right to find x2 Hi-Potion and then ride the lift.
  • At the top, you'll be able to find x1 HP Up Materia. Now go back down, and climb back up the other side and go under the shutter where the Moogle poster is to exit the factory.
  • Once you're outside, go down the wooden slope and immediately turn right by the large yellow crate, you'll find a chest at the corner where you'll find x1 Power Wristguards - there's also some boxes around that's on the left side of the open area, one of them has another Hi-Potion, specifically the one that's on top of the blue-green colored crate.
  • Now, straight ahead, climb up the ladder of the scaffolding and maneuver your way on the roof, go straight until you reach the other scaffolding and climb down the ladder. Yuffie will then spot another Robed Man on the other side that's in trouble.

Don't Fear, Yuffie's Here

  • Now, immediately, you'll want to look up to try and hit the crane but it is blocked or "Obstructed". So climb up the very top of the tower using the ladder on the left and you'll have a clear sight to hit the crate. Now, go back down by sliding down the pole next to you and cross the other side to reach the Robed Man.
  • Here, you'll encounter x2 Wayward Wolf. These enemies tend to charge in like a bull and use their heads that can stun and send Yuffie into the air, so be ready to dodge. They can also bound onto Yuffie with their Throat Clamp attack, AVOID THIS as much as you can.
  • Before going towards the fence where the Moogle Poster is, go right and you'll find more Shinra boxes to destroy. Climb up the ladder and reach the top to find a Wind Materia - now, slide down the pole and proceed towards the tunnel.
  • In the tunnel, keep going straight to find a chest that has 1000 Gil. After opening the chest, turn back and then head left to exit the tunnel. Go up and squeeze through the gap to reach the next section. Before crossing the bridge, look to your left and you'll find more Shinra boxes, one of them contains another Hi-Potion.
  • Cross the bridge and you'll find another Robed Man, on the right, interact with the gate to open it and another cutscene will trigger.
  • You'll now enter Scrap Boulevard, keep going straight and you'll find more Shinra boxes to destroy. You may want to check every path here to find those Shinra boxes.
  • And once you find the next Moogle poster next to a locked gate, to to the left first to find a cave to find an MP Up Materia. Once you have the materia, go back outside and head towards the gate where a resident/guard of Sector 7 Slums is standing on the other side of the gate. Open it and you'll formally arrive in Sector 7 Slums - continue going forward to the slums area and you'll trigger another cutscene. Here, you'll meet one of the new members of Avalanche, Zhije.

Gain Intel

  • Simply follow him through the town and you'll reach a new base for Avalanche, here, you'll meet the rest of the new members. Before going down the stairs, there's a bench that you can use to rest if you need to.
  • Go down the basement and look to your left just by the stairs, you'll find another chest containing a new weapon for Yuffie, the Boomerang. Approach the rest of the members (Nayo, Polk, Billy Bob) and another cutscene will trigger. After the cutscene, speak to the members to learn more about them, especially Polk, if you want to play Fort Condor - you can't leave yet, so you need to exhaust all of their dialogues and play Fort Condor first.
  • If you win against Polk in Fort Condor, you can obtain the following rewards: Sorcerer Board I and Helitrooper (Vanguard).

Scout Out Sector 7

  • Go back outside Sector 7 Slums and speak to Chadley to find the combat simulator. Speak to him and try your luck with defeating Ramuh, if you win, you can acquire the Ramuh Materia.
  • Next, you need to find the Old Snapper who's responsible of postin flyers for the Happy Turtle. You can simply open the map and mark the location and follow the waypoint. Speak to him to trigger a dialogue cutscene. He'll tell you that if you find all 6 posters, you'll be rewarded. He's also a merchant who sells some items in exchange for Condor Coins.
  • You can do this side quest if you want, but for now, you can head back at the clinic, go down the basement and another cutscene will trigger.

Fighting Alongside Sonon

  • From here, Sonon Kusakabe joins your party as a Companion. Sonon cannot be controlled but you can issue commands to him and synergize your attacks. You can roam around the town first to partake in some side quests and when you are ready, speak to Nayo.
  • Follow her along with Sonon and another cutscene triggers when you're near the Seventh Heaven bar. You'll be treated to a short cutscene with Biggs, Tifa Lockhart, and Barret Wallace.
  • After the cutscene, continue following Nayo to the backside of the slums. If you need to rest or restock on items, there's a bench and vending machine along the way.
  • You'll then reach a section where you'll fight a group of Corneo Lackey. Fight them and try out the new combat system where you can synergize your attacks with Sonon.
  • Once you've defeated the men, follow Nayo again to a factory to meet up with the Counterfeiter - you'll receive a key item, the Interplate ID Card.

Back to Base

  • Upon gaining control of Yuffie, head back with Sonon and Nayo to the base. Along the way there are Shinra boxes that you can destroy. Continue along the path, past the Robed Man and then destroy the breakable wall ahead with Yuffie's weapon, next to the opening, there's a chest containing x1 Kindered Cord - contineu straight, and head back to the slums area where another cutscene will trigger.
  • You'll receive a message from Zhije asking to head towards the pillar.

Change of Plans / After Him

  • After reading the message, make haste and follow Nayo towards the Pillar to catch up with Zhije. You'll first see hium being interoggated by Shinra troops - a cutscene will then trrigger.
  • Chase after Zhije and the Shinra tropps through the train station. When you reach the back side, along the weay, look to your right and you'll find a weapon chest containing an Indurate Staf weapon for Sonon - continue your chase after Zhije and you'll trigger another cutscene.

Tracking Zhije

  • Approach the pole and slide down to reach the Shipping Facility. Head down the stairs on the left and cross onto the alrge crates where you'll encoutner x2 Cripshay. After defeating the enemies, walk forward and you'll notice that the crates infront of you are moving towards your path. Look ahead and press ps triangle button final fantasy 7 remake wiki guide to hit the button, this stops the mechanism from moving the crates, allowing you to cross the other side.
  • Don't go to the left where the pole is, but instead go straight, down the steps where you'll encounter three more Cripshay. Defeat the enemies and open the nearby chest to find a Sweeper (Ranged) - go back up and now use the pole to reach the top.
  • Follow the path from there and you'll fight against the Shinra troops. After defeating the two enemies, you'll notice that there's another converyor belt that's moving towards you and you will have to find the switch to stop it.
  • Turn around and go straight, just before you reach the ladder, there's an opening on your left where you'll see the button. You'll need to time your throw right to hit the button.
  • Once you've stopped the conveyor belt, climb down the nearby ladder and destroy the shinra box in front of you to obtain a Phoenix Down. Continue further where you'll encounter x2 Lesser Drake - kill the enemies and pick up the Prayer Materia on the ground.
  • Now, climb back up the ladder and head towards the conveyor belt and walk onto the crates until you reach the other end. You'll find Zhije using the pole to escape. Before sliding down, destroy the Shinra boxes on the right to find x1 Hi-Potion and x1 Antidote
  • At the bottom, head towards the large conveyor belt and interact with the switch on the left to operate it. Now while it is moving, look on your left and right to aim and destroy the Shinra boxes.
  • Upon reaching the other end, you'll find more Shinra troops trying to chase after Zhije. Follow them and another cutscene triggers where Yuffie and Sonon falls off the conveyor belt.

Double Back

  • You'll now be at the bottom-part level of the factory. The path here is pretty linear, so keep moving forward until you come across an open area where you'll encounter a Horned Cripshay.
  • Once you've defeated the hard skinned enemy, use the pole nearby to reach the top. At the edge of the scaffolding, where you are about to wall run, there's a weapon chest on the left containing a Steel Reaper weapon for Yuffie.
  • Wall run across to the other side, head up the steps and another cutscene will trigger. After the cutscene, you'll need to fight the two Shinra troops.
  • Defeat the enemies, interact with the button to stop the conveyor belt and cross onto the crates to reach the Storage Depot. Head up the steps on the left and wall run to reach the other end. When you reach the end, climb up the top and wall run to the left to reach the platform.
  • To get across, walk up the edge near the mechanism that has the number three on it and you'll see if you look from afar and a bit below another mechanism, throw the shuriken to move the wall. From there, you can wall run, climb below to reach the other side.
  • Head up the first set of steps and you'll encounter a group of Toxirat enemies. Where the Toxirats were, there are two stairs, one on the left and the other on the right.
  • Defeat the enemies and head up the steps on the left side to find another chest containing an Assassin Board III. On the stairs on the right, there's a Wrath Hound enemy waiting.
  • Once you've killed the hound, mechanism number two is your next puzzle. This one is quite easy, just wall run first to the other end. Head up the steps and at the top, throw Yuffie's weapon to rotate the wall, and then you'll be able to wall run to the other side.
  • Continue further and you'll encounter two Wayward Wolf enemies. Now, you'll need to wall run from platform 1-1. Throw the shuriken at the mechanism that's at the center to rotate the wall.
  • Cross the other end to reach platform 1-2 and throw the shuriken again at the mechanism to rotate the wall. Now wall run, climb to the top while you're on the wall to reach the top platform. Walk up to the broken railing and throw your weapon to rotate the wall again. This allows you to cross and reach the platform from platform 1-4 where the switch is so that you can pick up the Elemental Materia.
  • From here go back, and cross towards the next area from platform 1-5 and slide down the moving pole to reach the Waste Disposal Plant.
  • Follow the area and you'll come across an elite enemy, the Levrikon. This enemy drops a Mezu Drive and an Ether. From here, continue forward and climb up the ladder. Before riding the large conveyor belt, there's a large Shinra box on the left side of the conveyor belt where you can find a Note from Zhije telling you to destroy the Shinra boxes once you ride the belt.
  • This section is like a mini-game where you try to destroy as much as Shinra boxes as you can. You'll find items such as Hi-Potion, Antidote, Phoenix Down, and Ether.
  • When you reach the end, continue further through the pipes and onto the crates. At the end of the path, jump on the left side to find a Magic Up Materia. Go back and head to the opposite side to progress.

Save Zhije

  • The path from here is pretty linear until you reach the Main Pillar Maintenance and trigger the next objective to save Zhije. Keep going straight first towards a small storage room to find a bench you can use to rest, a vending machine to restock on items, as well as Lightning Materia on the ground. Make sure you rest up, set your Materia, equip your best weapon, upgrade it if necessary before proceeding to the next section where you'll fight a boss.

Boss Battle: Gigantepede

  • Lightning will be your best friend here! Make sure to equip a Lightning Materia as well as the Elemental Materia (if you have) so you can add the lightning effect to your attacks. Yuffie's 4-Point Shuriken has the Elemental Ninjutsu ability as well that allows her to conjure lightning attacks.
  • Keep pressuring the boss with Thunder/Lighting attacks and if you have Ramuh already, you can summon him when the summon command becomes available. This battle is quite long since the Gigantepede is quite tough and will spawn enemies to keep you distracted. If it spawns the Containment Drone, quickly dispatch it with Thunder or use Yuffie's throw skill - defeating this boss yields 1200 GIL, EXP, and 8 SP.

Off to Shinra

  • After the battle, another cutscene triggers and Zhije hands you a Shinra Employee ID Card. From here, you'll automatically return to Sector 7 Slums.
  • Your next goal is to head over to Shinra HQ, so if you need to to something while you're in Sector 7 Slums, now's the chance to do it. Partake in any uncompleted side quests, challenge Fort Condor players, and visit shops if necessary.
  • When you're ready to leave, just head towards the train station and speak to the Train Attendant. This will end the chapter.



Chapter 1: Wutai's Finest Notes & Tips

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