Chain Bangle

Type Armor
defense_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75px 50 attack_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75px 0
magic_defense_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75px 50 magic_attack_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75px 0
materia_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75px 4    

Chain Bangle is an Armor piece in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Chain Bangle provides 50 Defense, 50 Magic Defense and has 4 Materia Slots. Armor provides defense against Enemy attacks reducing the incoming damage.


A bangle developed to enhance the connections between materia


Chain Bangle Information

  • Defense: 50
  • Magic Defense: 50
  • Attack: 0
  • Magic Attack: 0
  • Materia Slots: 4


How to acquire Chain Bangle

  • Chapter 17: Deliverance from Chaos
    • Story Objective: Find the Others
    • Location: Sector 0: Shinra Electric Power Company, The Drum - Level 5
    • After the cutscene with Professor Hojo, enter the next room and you'll find a chest on the right side corner of the room. The item is inside the chest.


Chain Bangle Notes & Tips

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  • ??



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    • Anonymous

      The 2 remedy chest is a different one very close to it. The chain bangle chest is in the room with the stairway leading to the Brain Pod fight, off to the right in a corner.

      • Anonymous

        I haven't gotten it, and when I used chapter select and got to this box it only gave me two remedies. Do I have to play the chapter on hard ?

        • Anonymous

          You can only have 1 and after that is all just potions. "Primalliquid" only makes click bait trash youtube videos.

          • Anonymous

            There's only 1 in the game from the chest. This dude on YouTube claims you can steal one in chapter 17. I've scanned all 114 enemies in the game and NONE of them are listed with holding a chain bangle, whether it be a common or rare drop or to steal. Others claim he said you can steal it from Rufus but he isn't holding anything. Don't feed the trolls

            • Anonymous

              I heard it is possible to get this multiple times but when i open the chest again on easy, normal, or hard mode i just get items. Has anyone got multiple of this yet?

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