Butterfinger DLC is a DLC in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Butterfinger DLC is a special limited promotion available from 3/3/20 to 5/14/20 where players can acquire special items by purchasing two or more of either Butterfinger bars, Baby Ruth bars, or Crunch bars. By purchasing two of these on the same receipt, players can acquire 5 different items and the Tifa Theme for PS4, with a new tier being available to you for every two in addition you buy.

Butterfinger DLC for Final Fantasy 7 Remake

This special limited promotion can be accessed by purchasing  two or more of either Butterfinger bars, Baby Ruth bars, or Crunch bars and submiting the code on the butterfinger website. Players will receive a special Tifa theme for PS4 the first time they do this and a new tier being available for every two in additional buys.

Below you can find information on each tier and what they provide:

  • Tier 0: The first time you enter you will obtain the Tifa Theme for PS4
  • Tier 1 (Limited to 100,000): By purchasing 2 products you will acquire Midgar Bangle
  • Tier 2 (Limited to 50,000) : By purchasing 4 products you will acquire Shinra Bangle
  • Tier 3 (Limited to 50,000) : By purchasing 6 products you will acquire Corneo’s Armlet
  • Tier 4 (Limited to 25,000) : By purchasing 8 products you will acquire Superstar Belt
  • Tier 5 (Limited to 25,000) : By purchasing 10 products you will acquire Mako Crystal

*Tifa Theme for PS4



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