9. The Oppressed

Use Play The Oppressed
Item Type: Music Disc
Location Sewer System, Aqueduct 1

9. The Oppressed is a Music Disc in Final Fantasy VII Remake. 9. The Oppressed used to __effect__. Music Discs are items that can be used to play a distinctive music or tune at jukeboxes. They can be found at various locations and players will be able to hear the tune when they are near the location where they are found.


A disc containing a jazzy song.


9. The Oppressed Information


How to acquire 9. The Oppressed

  • Chapter 10: Rough Waters
    • Location: Sewer System, Aqueduct 1
    • Purchased from a vending machine, you must drain the water first of Aqueduct 1 so that you can enter the next section where the machine is.


9. The Oppressed Notes & Tips

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